Frequently Asked Questions
There are a number of important questions that parents ask regarding our school. On this page we will try to answer several of them. Each question will be linked to another page where an answer can be explained. Please click on the links below for more information. We hope this will be of some help to you as parents or guardians. Thank you again for visiting the Brookman Elementary School website! Not all of the links below are available yet. We are working to have all of the following questions linked and available soon. Thank you for your patience as we establish our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Registration Questions:
How do I register my child?
Do I have to register my child every year even though my child has attended a Clark County school?
What immunization information do I need to bring to school when registering my child?
We've moved, what do I have to do?
We've moved from outside the Clark County School District, what do I have to do?
How old must my child be to attend school?
Is there an age waiver for students from other states?
How can I find out if my child is zoned for Brookman E.S.?
Where do I go to register my child?
How can I make sure my child is placed in the appropriate class?
My child has been attending public school in Clark County. We are transferring to Brookman E.S.. How do I transfer my child?
Is Brookman E.S. a 9-month or 12-month school?
Does the district provide bus service?
What is my child's student number?

Safety Questions:
Who can pick up my child when I can't be there? (COMING SOON)
What is school procedure for adults entering the school?
What time are students allowed on campus?
How will children arrive at school? What are the morning procedures? (COMING SOON)
How will children be dismissed from the school? (COMING SOON)
How do I get an emergency message to my child? (COMING SOON)
What are the traffic procedures for pick-up and drop-off at Brookman E.S. (COMING SOON)

General Questions:
What will my child be learning in each grade(K-5)?
What if my child is absent? (COMING SOON)
How do I volunteer at Brookman?
What are your schools general procedures and rules? (COMING SOON)
How do I contact my child's teacher or administration with a concern?
What can you tell me about the Brookman Parent Organization (PTA)?
What are your school's academic goals?
What is your school's mission statement?
How can I view the schools Accountability Report?
Can my child buy lunch at school?
What is being served for lunch?
What time is lunch?
When is Winter Break, Spring Break, etc.?
When are Parent/Teacher Conferences?
When will my child be testing ?
May my child wear flip flops, tank tops, or sun dresses?

Program Questions:
What is the G.A.T.E. program?
What do I do if I am concerned about my child's progress and feel that my child may need special education services? (COMING SOON)
What special programs does Brookman provide outside of the general classroom?
Can you tell me about the SafeKey program?
How do I contact the school if I have a suggestion or just want to be heard?
Last updated on Wednesday, August 24th, 2016